TM Collections GmbH & Co. KG

Young, stylish, sustainable and individual

Tommy M - enjoyment for all the senses

Furniture from the Tommy M label (from TM Collections) immediately catches the eye, whether it is in furniture stores, display windows or in magazines. It is sustainable and resource-aware despite or perhaps even because of being young, stylish, aspiring and high quality.  Tommy M is anything but disposable. The upholstered furniture is created for people with high expectations of quality, design and comfort, but who also value naturalness and emotion. The products could almost all be described as sensual, not just because of their clear style that never fails to set the trend with its surprising elements, but also because of the materials used to make them.

Tommy M specialises in quality-conscious individuality.  The best quality, specially treated natural leather, with visual effects that you would never expect from this material, makes touching and sitting on this furniture the ultimate enjoyable experience.  The fabrics and cloths used, either alone or as a complement to leather, always offer our customers the latest trends and the woods used for the tables are unique and of select quality.  No two are alike.  Each piece stands out because of its own structure and colour, making every table unique.
Sustainability is extremely important to us.  If currently possible, we obtain our materials from sources that understand that nature is a valuable part of our life and it matters to us that we handle our products naturally and carefully during manufacture and processing. We make our products using the most natural techniques currently on the market and do everything we can to develop further and to set new standards with qualified partners.   

A high level of skill is essential for achieving and guaranteeing our furniture's high quality. That is why all pieces are made by hand by highly trained upholstery specialists at our company’s headquarters in Lichtenfels, Upper Franconia. The designs for the various sofas are created in cooperation between our own, highly creative team and young, internationally successful designers.  
As a result, our customers benefit from the ultimate long-lasting enjoyment of our products.