2017 – 90 years PONSEL. Native country? Oberfranken. At home? Everywhere.

For four generations now, Ponsel has been benefiting from its experience in the upholstery trade and meeting its promise to its customers - to supply upholstered furniture that is always of high quality and 100 % Made in Germany.

The two collections, VENTURO and CHALET, have been created with great attention to detail.
They reflect current trends but also feature sofa classics, and are presented in Ponsel’s spacious
showrooms. Ponsel focuses on customer target groups and customer wishes with many and varied needs.
Individuality and quality are writ large here in Weidhausen. This has been recognised over the
years with such awards as the Golden M, the class A emissions label and the Blauen Engel.
The family-owned company is known for its good feeling for exceptional fabrics with impressive colours
and patterns.

Experience for yourself Ponsel Polstermöbel!