Musterring International Josef Höner GmbH & Co. KG

Musterring – the spirit of living

Musterring is one of the best-known and distinguished furnishing brands in Germany. Since 1938, the company is a synonym for top quality, sophisticated functions and a wide range of design ideas at an excellent price-performance ratio. Today, Musterring is a traditional family business in the third generation. The Musterring collection is broad and extends to living and dining rooms, upholstered furniture, bedrooms, kitchens, bathroom furniture as well as carpets and lights. In the early 1960s Musterring entered the European markets and Asia followed in the 1970s. Today, Musterring is active in more than 25 countries and represents: the spirit of living.

Tested quality and healthy living, combined with the five-year guarantee, are among the strongest arguments for the Musterring brand. All Musterring products are manufactured according to the DIN and RAL quality guidelines of the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM) and regular quality audits in the production operations ensure that the high quality standards are observed.

“Set one by Musterring” a young, knock-down collection for trend-conscious customers who are interested in promptly available furniture yet having high quality requirements at the same time was introduced in 2008. Musterring also operates the brand “WK Wohnen” which, for over 100 years, has embodied the idea of perfect home living culture. The brand is aimed at creative furnishers with the highest standards who know how to celebrate perfect design living. With the latest brand “Gallery M” Musterring inspires the “new desire for furniture”. Gallery M reflects an international and modern collection for an excellent value for money.

 With a portfolio of four brands the Musterring Group has one of the widest furnishing collections in Germany.