KOINOR Polstermöbel

KOINOR is one of the most successful and important manufacturers of upholstered furniture in Europe since more than 65 years. The product range comprises sofas and armchairs as well as dinner sofas and matching dinner tables and chairs. The company defines itself today as a functional specialist, combining comfortable furniture with integrated, innovative technology with a timeless yet modern design.

The story of the company which has a worldwide distribution nowadays starts in the 1950s with modest first steps in the small town Michelau in Upper Franconia. In August 1953, company founder Horst Mueller registered the company KOINOR. With around 400 employees manufacturing takes place in four plants on almost 50,000 sq m. With a great amount of passion, a pride in their own work and a high degree of expertise they produce branded upholstered furniture for all those who truly value a good sofa. Each year approx. 600,000 sq m of leather and approx. 200,000 sq m of fabrics and microfiber are used in production. Each day more than 600 sofas and armchairs are being shipped to the specialised trade in Germany, Europe and Overseas. And of course each piece of furniture is a one-off – unique und customised for an individual order, delivered just-in-time. Truly a logistic masterpiece, considering the unbelievable variety of available models and types and the wide choice of leather and textile fabrics that Koinor has to offer!

The principle remains the same to this day: perfection. When people make their way through the halls of production, they are amazed by the high proportion of manual labour that still goes into the production of upholstered furniture to this day. And this is not just obvious as people walk through the factory halls but also in the finished pieces of furniture. Every individual seam is carefully created by hand. Each piece of leather is manually cut before being precisely stitched together in accordance with the stitching plan in the sewing room. The last piece of the jigsaw sees experts in the upholstery room bring the frame, the seat frame and the covering together to create one finished piece and to ensure that the piece of furniture is shaped to perfection. In a nutshell: The Koinor brands stands for high quality, timeless design with a unique, unmistakabel signature and very comfortable products which are perfect to relaxing.

Mr. Nicolas Austermann

Export Overseas

Tel.: +4915150988503    
e-Mail: n.austermann@koinor.de

More information at www.koinor.com or instagram #koinor.international



Awarded three German Design Awards

Awarded three German Design Awards

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