GWINNER furniture meets modern society's demands

The diverse model ranges stand out thanks to high quality, carefully selected materials, first-class design and innovative technical solutions

For more than 85 years, GWINNER has been a competent and reliable partner in the furniture industry. Our loyalty to Germany is one of our hallmarks and this is highlighted in our continuous investments. All living-room ranges are designed and manufactured at Gwinner's German headquarters in Pfalzgrafenweiler with a particular focus on design, technical perfection and craftsmanship.

First-class design and innovative technical solutions

GWINNER's living-room ranges meet the requirements of a modern society in terms of aesthetics, uniqueness and individuality. They unite first-class designs with innovative technical solutions, such as lighting concepts and media solutions. When developing products, criteria such as energy efficiency are also taken into consideration.

Carefully chosen accent woods always provide particular highlights and these unusual contours set GWINNER apart from the competition. High-quality lacquered surfaces perfectly complement the available woods and every model has an element or material that can be seen as a unique selling point.

GWINNER is a medium-sized family company with three Managing Directors. GWINNER currentlyemploys 180 people, of which 16 are apprentices and students. Sound professional training is veryimportant at GWINNER, particularly in relation to clear-sighted personnel planning. Young people can be trained to become cabinet makers and industrial sales representatives.