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Living & Dining, Bedroom, Upholstered Furniture
3c Holding GmbH

Living & Dining, Bedroom, Upholstered Furniture, Outdoor
Bullfrog Marketing & Design GmbH

bullfrog stands for creative upholstery furniture. for internatiobullfrog stands for creative upholstery furniture. for international design. for aesthetics and individuality. for poetry and movement. bullfrog stands for quality in detail, for technology with additional value. for joy in living, for interpersonal communication. bullfrog and our partners all over the world are working together in an atmosphere of friendship, tolerance, partnership by shar...

Living & Dining
GWINNER Wohndesign GmbH

GWINNER furniture meets modern society's demands The diverse model ranges stand out thanks to high quality, carefully selected materials, first-class design and innovative technical solutions For more than 85 years, GWINNER has been a competent and reliable partner in the furniture industry. Our loyalty to Germany is one of our hallmarks and this is highlighted in our continuous investments. All living-room ranges are designed and manufactured at Gwinner's Germa...

Living & Dining, Upholstered Furniture

From German artisans to European leaders our armchairs and sofas have been offering luxurious design and innovation for almost 70 yearsFrom German artisans to European leaders our armchairs and sofas have been offering luxurious design and innovation for almost 70 years...

Living & Dining, Upholstered Furniture
K+W Polstermöbel GmbH + Co. KG

Since our company was founded in 1799 in Lichtenfels, Upper Franconia, Germany, our former basket making business has developed into one of the leading producers of upholstered and dining room furniture in Europe. We have been a member of the Himolla Group since 2007. With considerable passion and experience, we design and produce innovative upholstered furniture and dinner sofas at different locations in Upper Franconia, Germany. We are now market leaders in the dini...

Living & Dining, Upholstered Furniture
KOINOR Polstermöbel

KOINOR is one of the most successful and important manufacturers of upholstered furniture in Europe since more than 65 years. The product range comprises sofas and armchairs as well as dinner sofas and matching dinner tables and chairs. The company defines itself today as a functional specialist, combining comfortable furniture with integrated, innovative technology with a timeless yet modern design....

Kitchen & Bath, Living & Dining
Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH

DECKER - Individual Furniture made of solid wood – made in Germany Möbelwerke A.Decker GmbH is a family- owned company and takes pride in specialising in the manufacturing of individually-designed furniture of pure solid wood. Quality and supreme craftsmanship have been the hallmarks of the furniture-making ever since the founding of the company in 1915. Superb materials, specially-trained staff committed to their work and state-of-the-art manufacturing te...

Kitchen & Bath, Living & Dining, Bedroom, Upholstered Furniture, Office & Contract
Musterring International Josef Höner GmbH & Co. KG

Musterring – the spirit of living Musterring is one of the best-known and distinguished furnishing brands in Germany. Since 1938, the company is a synonym for top quality, sophisticated functions and a wide range of design ideas at an excellent price-performance ratio. Today, Musterring is a traditional family business in the third generation. The Musterring collection is broad and extends to living and dining rooms, upholstered furniture, bedrooms, kitchens, bathroo...

Living & Dining, Outdoor
Niehoff Sitzmöbel GmbH

NIEHOFF SITZMÖBEL FURNITURE FROM NIEHOFF Become inspired by dining room furniture for everyone. Whether modern, timeless or classic, at Niehoff Sitzmöbel you will find an extensive selection of tables, chairs and benches. Our cupboards, shelves and cabinets complement our assortment and make your dream of your individual dining room come true. Extending dining tables for large family reunions, bistro tables for small single or student kitchens, tail...

Living & Dining
Schröder GmbH & Co. KG

LIVING ROOM AND DINING ROOM FURNITURE BY TRADITION For over 150 years, the Schröder family-run company has been producing high-quality, contemporary and durable living and dining room furniture, from freestanding items to large wall solutions, 100% made in Germany. We are consistently committed to the the high standard of quality of our products. Only the best is good enough for our customers. Clear design, high standards of craftsmanship, functionality down to th...

Living & Dining, Upholstered Furniture
Schröno-Polstermöbelmanufaktur GmbH & CO. KG

THE QUALITY EDGE Handmade with a passion for detail, 100 % made in Germany – represented by the name of Schröno for over 50 years. Our highly qualified staff share our passion for exclusive upholstered furniture. This passion is evident in all our products. It’s in the sophisticated processing, the specific use of the exclusive fabrics, and also in the perfect match of the materials. Our upholstered furniture is created in a large number of steps in manu...

Living & Dining, Bedroom, Upholstered Furniture, Office & Contract
TM Collections GmbH & Co. KG

Young, stylish, sustainable and individual Tommy M - enjoyment for all the senses Furniture from the Tommy M label (from TM Collections) immediately catches the eye, whether it is in furniture stores, display windows or in magazines. It is sustainable and resource-aware despite or perhaps even because of being young, stylish, aspiring and high quality.  Tommy M is anything but disposable. The upholstered furniture is created for people with high expectations of...

Living & Dining, Upholstered Furniture
Willi Schillig Polstermöbelwerke GmbH & CO. KG

70 years of W.SCHILLIG W.SCHILLIG offers long-standing expertise and first-class quality at its Upper Franconia location – where the family-owned company has been deeply rooted for 70 years. W.SCHILLIG is well-known for premium sofas/sectionals, which are manufactured with know-how from Germany. Furniture is our passion Our philosophy: ”Finally at home - to arrive and relax.” Erik Stammberger, grandson of the founder, and CEO of the Schillig group...