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Brinkhaus GmbH

Brinkhaus has been a leading brand since 1847 and stands for first-rate bedding quality. Luxury Lifestyle is another premium product line by Brinkhaus that brings the elegance and superior sleeping comfort of the world’s best hotels into domestic bedrooms. The finest, carefully selected materials for duvets, pillows, toppers and mattresses are what make this brand so special. The exclusive box spring bed systems leave nothing to be desired. Deluxe sleeping cult...

Living & Dining, Bedroom, Upholstered Furniture, Outdoor
Bullfrog Marketing & Design GmbH

bullfrog stands for creative upholstery furniture. for internatiobullfrog stands for creative upholstery furniture. for international design. for aesthetics and individuality. for poetry and movement. bullfrog stands for quality in detail, for technology with additional value. for joy in living, for interpersonal communication. bullfrog and our partners all over the world are working together in an atmosphere of friendship, tolerance, partnership by shar...

InCasa Schlafraumsysteme GmbH

InCasa is specialized in manufacturing bedroom systems and entrance furniture of solid wood. A mixture of creativity and craftsmanship characterize our furniture while individual solutions regarding planning, exclusivity or custom-made are important parts of our services. With a large number of comfortable and functional furniture we can guarantee high quality and safety with certificates and quality seals. All products are purely natural oiled and environmentally frien...

Kitchen & Bath, Living & Dining, Bedroom, Upholstered Furniture, Office & Contract
Musterring International Josef Höner GmbH & Co. KG

Musterring – the spirit of living Musterring is one of the best-known and distinguished furnishing brands in Germany. Since 1938, the company is a synonym for top quality, sophisticated functions and a wide range of design ideas at an excellent price-performance ratio. Today, Musterring is a traditional family business in the third generation. The Musterring collection is broad and extends to living and dining rooms, upholstered furniture, bedrooms, kitchens, bathroo...

Thielemeyer GmbH & Co. KG

NATURE’S UNIQUENESS IS OUR STRENGTH We manufacture bedroom furniture that unites all the finest qualities of wood: its natural beauty, its robustness and its ability to create a healthy living environment. We tailor the design, quality, craftsmanship and tradition of our work to achieving a single goal. Your satisfaction. Thielemeyer began life in 1922 as a small carpentry workshop. Ever since then, we have combined progress with staying true to our roots in ...

Living & Dining, Bedroom, Upholstered Furniture, Office & Contract
TM Collections GmbH & Co. KG

Young, stylish, sustainable and individual Tommy M - enjoyment for all the senses Furniture from the Tommy M label (from TM Collections) immediately catches the eye, whether it is in furniture stores, display windows or in magazines. It is sustainable and resource-aware despite or perhaps even because of being young, stylish, aspiring and high quality.  Tommy M is anything but disposable. The upholstered furniture is created for people with high expectations of...