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Guest Post: W.SCHILLIG wins Life & Living Award 2021

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Guest Post

Germany's most popular upholstered furniture manufacturer

W.SCHILLIG wins Life & Living Award 2021

On behalf of the news channel ntv, around 40,000 customers were asked about three essential factors in the context of a consumer survey designed to be representative of the population via an online panel. On the one hand, the focus was on the overall satisfaction with the brand/company, which is formed from aspects such as trust, price-performance ratio, image, range of products, packaging, customer service and quality of the product or service. In addition, the intention to vote again and the willingness to recommend the company to others were included in the overall result.

Owner and CEO of the Schillig Group Erik Stammberger and the entire W.SCHILLIG team are delighted with the award for the most popular upholstered furniture manufacturer, which was presented by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) and ntv.