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Guest Post: W.SCHILLIG was awarded the audience award 2020

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The 3D upholstered furniture configurator from W.SCHILLIG was awarded the German Excellence Prize 2020

Guest Post

On 23 January 2020, the German Excellence Prize was awarded for the third time in Berlin. The German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ), the DUB UNTERNEHMER magazine and the news channel n-tv award the prize for outstanding achievements of renowned companies, start-ups and agencies. Excellent products, services and campaigns are awarded. W.SCHILLIG received the coveted audience award in the Digital Services & Tools category for its 3D upholstered furniture configurator.

With the 3D configurator, W.SCHILLIG is setting standards for the new digital selling. The salesperson can inspire the customer with his or her individual dream sofa at the point of sale, show immediately solutions, and provide simple and professional advice. It is the first software solution based on IDM standard data format that can display upholstered furniture in 3D photorealistically. All functions contained in the model can be displayed animatedly and a constant plausibility check enables error-free planning. In addition, every retailer is offered the possibility to connect his merchandise management system to the configurator in order to generate error-free ordering processes.

"With our 3D upholstered furniture configurator, the digital sofa moves into the living rooms of customers. The shopping experience is lifted to a new level," says CEO Erik Stammberger. "From now on, the end customer can plan his desired sofa quite comfortably from home at www.schillig.com, with no restrictions on all performance options."

Caption to photo:
Accepting the award (from left to right): IT Manager Pius Wolf, CEO Erik Stammberger (both W.SCHILLIG) and Ahmet Sahin (CEO of Smart 3-D, software development Tablet Dekor)