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Guest Post: W.SCHILLIG has appointed Christoph Schülner as new Chief Financial Officer

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Guest Post
Christoph Schüllner

W.SCHILLIG has appointed Christoph Schülner as new Chief Financial Officer

Christoph Schülner joins W.SCHILLIG on June 1, 2019, where he becomes Chief Financial Officer. The 45 year old manager will be responsible for financial matters, controlling, IT, Human resources and project management.

Christoph Schülner got deep knowledge as CFO in international companies. Besides different leading roles in Germany and abroad at Loewe AG and as group CFO of Loewe Technologies GmbH as well as interim managing director global finance at Heinz Glas, he was most recently responsible as group CFO at Dauhpin Human Design Group - an international producer of seating furniture and cabinets – for financial matters, controlling, IT, HR and organizational development.

Erik Stammberger, CEO and owner of W.SCHILLIG: »We are very pleased that we are able to welcome such a highly qualified CFO at W.SCHILLIG. With his strong experience, his broad financial expertise as well as proven leadership, we are confident Christoph Schülner is the right partner who will support W.SCHILLIG in its next phase of growth

Christoph Schülner: »I am very much looking forward to working with Erik Stammberger and the whole team. W.SCHILLIG has been well-known for its perfect sitting comfort for 70 years and offers exciting growth and development potentials due to its international focus

Christoph Schülner is married and has got three children. He enjoys a very active lifestyle: He is playing table tennis, loves to jog and mountain biking.