Takes over "Frommholz - legendary sofas"

Model "Trento" from the Frommholz legendary sofas collection. Photo: Frommholz

The Westphalian manufacturer Wemafa is expanding its upholstered furniture lines with another component: in a new collection, the product groups "new classic" and "atelier" of Walter Frommholz GmbH & Co.KG, Spenge will continue to be produced and exclusively marketed in the future.

Following the departure of the Frommholz Group from the ranks of high-quality upholstered furniture manufacturers in December last year, the successful models are now facing a new future. Under a license agreement to continue the upholstery classics under the label Frommholz - legendary sofas, the models from "Calma" to "Verona" as well as the soloists from "Club" to "York" are manufactured and marketed by the Wemafa factory. "We believe that the models and the continued high quality of our products are well received by our trading partners," says Dennis Wojcinski, sales director of Wemafa.

Good forecasts for the future

In addition to the classic line, the modern collection with its leather centers has established itself very well in the market in recent years and is now rounded off by a premium collection. "True to the philosophy of the house Wemafa" higher | broader | deeper - we manufacture your sofa to measure! "Is now also the opportunity to order the furniture of the Frommholz collection in special sizes," says Dirk Gieselmann, managing partner "because of our Highly qualified professionals in the house, we are able to implement the wishes of our customers. "

Exclusive marketing

The marketing of the premium collection through the stationary specialized trade partner with high consulting competence is thereby to guarantee the continuance of the traditional brand Frommholz, founded in 1859, thereby enabling the end consumers to "own" the quality of craftsmanship on their own walls in the future.