Trend outlook for imm cologne

We live better than ever before, pay attention to sustainability and let ourselves be inspired by well thought-out living concepts: The VDM at imm cologne focuses on these trends.  Not only investments in home accessories and decorative items, but also larger purchases kept sales in the furniture industry relatively stable in the past year. There are many reasons for this: On the one hand, we are doing economically well in Germany and Europe and from this point of view, we are happy to invest in furnishings. On the other hand, the digital world is full of sources of inspiration such as Pinterest & Co that arouse desires. Furniture should also reflect the personality of those who use it.  This personal touch, says the VDM, even goes so far that pieces of furniture experience something like a soul over time as they grow dear to the owner. The user's personality is transferred to them.

The clean-up fever breaks out at home

On average, a person in the Western world owns about 10,000 items. They want to be managed - that is, tidied up. Tips come from so-called "clean flowers". Perhaps the trend is related to the large oversupply in so many areas of life.

Sustainability is becoming popular 

In 2019, the Fridays for Future movement achieved a great media impact because it met the spirit of the times in many social groups. Sustainability is more popular than ever in all social and economic matters. In addition, sustainability becomes a private matter: the megatrend of individualization also goes hand in hand with the responsibility for environmentally responsible consumer behavior.  For furniture, the topic has been playing a growing role for some time now, with questions about recycling or upcycling. The VDM expects more consumers to ask specifically about sustainable furniture in the new year. The growing sensibility for sustainable furniture is being driven by an ecologically minded middle class, which mostly lives in urban regions.

Holistic view 

Sustainability in furniture has many aspects: On the one hand, it is the primary material, wood, which is a renewable raw material and also an important CO2 store. For other materials and materials, the industry focuses on protecting the environment and resources, from procurement to processing and subsequent disposal. The long lifespan of furniture from German and European production is another aspect of sustainability. Furniture is not a quick purchase, it stays in the household for years, if not decades. In addition to these quality aspects, the design must also be included in the sustainability claim. Calm and reserved design has more chances of getting older than a look that is too fashionable or iconic.

Living of the future 

The imm cologne 2020 is about showing the living of the future. It is no longer about color trends and shapes, but about holistic living concepts. This year, future and better living concepts will focus on smart living and around the topic of smart home, urban living and the “metropolitan lifestyle” in big cities and comfortable living for “silver surfers” and smart living solutions that always focus on aging population are tailored.

Specific developments 

From the VDM exhibitor survey carried out prior to the imm cologne 2020, basic attitudes towards living and focal points in the furniture and furnishings for the new season can be derived. Here are the most important results:


The Pantone trend color 2020 Classic Blue inspires: A wide range of 2020 shades of blue can be found in the upholstery fabrics for upholstered furniture. European blue, light blue, turquoise and petrol are popular. Basically, all colors become stronger and living is clearly colorful. Greetings from the 1970s. The basic colors remain the natural tones, which also include unpainted wood in its many color shades. In addition, black is back - as a front, as a cover fabric or as an accent.

to form 

The designs based on the mid-century design of the 1940s to 1960s remain. Their shape is rather delicate and smaller furniture will find good sales in the future. This aspect is clearly nourished by the topic of urban living in a smaller space. The range of modular sofa elements is striking: Here, portable individual parts can be put together to form a whole.

Wood, wood, wood and other materials 

Solid wood will expand its position again. Against the background of sustainability, we are probably at the beginning of a wooden renaissance. Oak in its natural color remains a bestseller, the latest trend is ash oak, which looks black and charred. Real wood veneer is often combined with other materials such as glass and metal in the front area. In the case of metals such as decorative strips or applications, the spectrum ranges from brass to copper and chrome colors. The linoleum as well as the natural Viennese rattan weave are experiencing a strong upswing. A wide range of natural fibers can be seen in the upholstery fabrics for upholstered furniture. Cord and velvet play an important role.