Going for more furniture export

Analyst on behalf of the VDM: Managing Director Stefan Schultheiß (standing) of the Cologne Strategy Group. Photo: VDM

Wednesday, 10 October, the kick-off meeting of the new Arbeitskreis Export took place in Cologne, with which the German Furniture Industry Association (VDM) would like to sustainably strengthen the foreign activities of the industry.

About one third of all German furniture production is currently exported. "That's too little," summed up VDM CEO Jan Kurth sober the share and explains: "In view of the difficult domestic market is a strong second pillar by the expansion of Möbelexports in Europe and, above all, both necessary and achievable". The sighting of the potentials, a detailed analysis of promising markets as well as tangible tips and advice were the subject of yesterday's meeting in the rooms of Koelnmesse.

Koelnmesse, with its numerous domestic residential and furnishing fairs in Cologne as well as its worldwide satellites, is a partner of the German furniture industry, its suppliers and its specialist segments. Uwe Deitersen, longtime imm cologne project manager and now director of customer relations, explained the possibilities of a targeted cooperation for the German exhibitors: From articles in the newsletter to VIP offers for their visitors and the brokering of dealer contacts in target markets to the possibility of participating in a roundtable - Talking to dealers abroad. The support offered by Koelnmesse is broad and offers each exhibitor an individual idea and an opportunity to actively engage beyond normal.

The Cologne Strategy Group (CSG) analyzed on behalf of the VDM some potential future markets under the aspect of a realistic feasibility for the export of German furniture. "It's no use, visionary to reach for the stars. Data, facts and analyzes that are pointed to the furniture industry show us the potential of individual markets. It is now time to define ways for the German furniture middle class. Impetus must not hinder the industry, because the global future lies in the future, "explains Stefan Schultheiß, Managing Director of CSG. In particular, he showed the market potential in the three currently most successful non-European export countries for German furniture, the USA, Russia and China.