Upholstered furniture foreign trade in the 1st quarter
Declining sales in both directions

Photo: Pixabay

The German upholstered furniture industry exported goods valued at EUR 175 million in the first quarter of this year. This corresponds to a decline of around 6% compared to the same period of the previous year, as a publication by the Association of the German upholstery industry shows based on the figures of the Federal Statistical Office.

In the top 10 largest importers of upholstered furniture in Germany, sales increased in the United Kingdom (+ 18%), Italy (+ 18.6%), Luxembourg (+ 1.9%) and the USA (+ 24.7%) , Switzerland, in particular, has significantly reduced its number of upholstered upholstered furniture by March (-10.1%), but still remains Austria's most important customer with a share of 22.7%, falling to 1.8% in the first quarter Share of the total export of 16.9% come.

Import decline at a similar level

The clear largest share of the total import of upholstered furniture to Germany has Poland with 46.4%. However, imports from the neighboring country declined by 9.0% to EUR 256 million in the first quarter. It is followed by China with a share of 21.2% (117 million euros), with imports from the People's Republic also falling by 2.4%. Romania had the highest rate of increase in the top 10 and was able to introduce upholstered furniture valued at 24 million euros (+ 8.7%) to Germany.