Invested in production expansion

As the German kitchen furniture manufacturer Schüller announced, the company is investing in a production expansion at the Herrieden (Germany) location in the coming years. "With the largest single investment in its more than 50-year history", we continue to pursue our one-location policy, according to Managing Director Markus Schüller.
In concrete terms, the project - the land-use plan was already approved by the city in early May - intends to network with existing production. The extension will be directly linked to the previous production in the submitted proposal, which was developed in cooperation with citizens and the city of Herrieden. The first construction phase should be completed by 2021, the second construction phase until 2027. Overall, the kitchen furniture manufacturer will then have more than 90,000 square meters of additional production space and u. a. can each fall back to two areas for pre-assembly, final assembly and shipping.
In addition to a total of four new hall complexes, a parking garage with 2,000 parking spaces is being built on the site, which will measure a total site area of over 318,000 square meters. "The required ecological compensation areas of 40,000 square meters fit into the immediate environment and are available to the city and thus to the population," says managing director Max Heller.
"With this project, we are taking account of our growth and are committed to our Franconian homeland," says Markus Schüller. "In addition, we are living up to our commitment to our employees and the region." Schüller expects more than 800 new employees to be hired as a result of the expansion and future growth.
After the land use plan has already been approved by the city council, the construction process will be completed in two to three weeks. "We expect that we will be able to carry out a first construction phase for development in autumn 2018," says Heller.