New export manager with Miele experience

Photo: Rommelsbacher

Jürgen Freyer (photo) takes over the position of Export Manager at Rommelsbacher. "It is a great pleasure for us to welcome Jürgen Freyer to our team," says Sigrid Klenk, Managing Director of Rommelsbacher. "His experience abroad will be of great help to this central function. His flair for markets and developments and his strategic approach in foreign business will contribute to the positive development of the company. "

Freyer spent a decade of his working life at Miele. Among other things, he worked for the company as Managing Director for Chile and Mexico in Latin America.

He is now attracted to Rommelsbacher, "that this company has been growing very healthy and steadily for years." Now, it is important to increase brand awareness in potential growth markets. "I see great development opportunities here," said Freyer. "I am looking forward to bringing my experience to the team and helping to shape the strategic direction of Rommelsbacher internationally."

According to Rommelsbacher, the export department should become an active client advisor in terms of product and pricing policy. The distribution and communication strategy will be tailored to the respective markets.