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With the cancellation of IMM 2021, raumplus and all exhibitors will no longer  be able to attend the most important industry meeting of the year. In response to the cancellation, the Bremen-based sliding door and partition wall specialists developed in record time, a risk-free alternative for the trade fair exchange with trade partners and end consumers. From 18th of January, the online exhibition stand can be explored on screen in a 360° tour under https://www.raumplus. com/en/about-raumplus/360.html. At any time, from any place, on your own or with competent guidance. Trendsetting bang against the trade fair blues.

The virtual trade fair cannot replace a real meeting«, Carsten Bergmann does not want to gloss over anything. Yet standstill was never an option for the raumplus  boss and his team. Throughout the entire development of the IMM 2021, they always remained on the same level in Bremen. And developed a virtual version of the entire exhibition in parallel to the real exhibition stand, following all distance specifications. A twin-track approach, which proved to be correct and forward-looking when the entire IMM was finally cancelled. The digital implementation of the stand construction with all the innovations for living & hall, sleeping and kitchen »seems rather expansive in some places«, attests Carsten Bergmann, which is due to the fact that it reproduces the original exhibition stand 1:1 - including the distance rules. But this leaves plenty of space to experience the latest products in a homely atmosphere.

A virtual 360° tour, which not only takes in the trade fair stand but also the digital raumplus house, sets new technical standards. Animations of the product functions are just as much a part of this as visualization of various lighting options.

The model newcomers on display include a new variant of the Swing Door Slim Line with fanlight and side panel and the modular cabinet furniture program Creo,   which is now ready for series production and has a large number of variants. At raumplus they are used to reacting quickly and flexibly to new situations and especially in these difficult times we want to support our customers comprehensively«. They can use the digital trade fair offer independently, or arrange an individual appointment for competent online support with Bergmann‘s team. Those who know raumplus quality Made in Germany will easily be able to imagine the latest from 35 years of Smart Sliding and More in the original, »even though we know that our products are most convincing when you can touch and try them out«. Nevertheless, raumplus is convinced that the virtual trade fair will be a point of refe- rence, inspiration and platform for exchange. Even for end consumers, who therefore do not have to wait for the »public days« at IMM: »The 360° tour of the trade fair stand and through the virtual raumplus house acts as a source of ideas and makes you want to experience the products live at the specialist retailer«. In contrast to the fair, this is also possible with risk-free individual appointments. At raumplus, as everywhere else, people hope to be able to maintain direct contact again soon. At the same time, the globally represented family-owned company will continue to optimize its future-oriented digital alternative in order to be there for its customers at all times - real or virtual.

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