Future-oriented realignment

Michael Stiehl, Managing Partner of Rauch Möbelwerke. Photo: Rauch

Rauch is currently revising its production structure as part of a forward-looking strategic alignment, optimizing it across all sites and, in this context, also realigning its sales organization. In this way, the manufacturer is meeting the challenges of the furniture market, which is currently characterized, among other things, by partially rapidly changing consumer buying and buying habits, the increasing relevance of online marketing, the increasing digitization and faster internationalization, while increasing efficiency , This is announced today by the company in a press release.

"We adapt our entire production and sales concept to the changing market requirements," explains Michael Stiehl, Managing Partner of Rauch Möbelwerke. "It has always been part of our ongoing corporate policy to respond flexibly to market changes. Because change and challenges always also mean opportunities and we want to use them."

In the course of structural optimization, production in Freudenberg's inner city (Plant 1) will be relocated to the existing locations within the next year. At the end of the process lasting several months, there is an optimized production network between the remaining plant locations in Freudenberg, Bürgstadt and Mastershausen. "In this way, we can make our manufacturing structure more flexible. Platforms and kits are being systematically developed further and we are investing a high amount of 2-digit millions in new production technology, assortments, logistics solutions and employees. For modern and trend-setting plant locations with the best development potential, "says Stiehl, and in doing so makes a clear commitment that the company will continue to be based in the future
Germany holds.

As of January 1, 2019, the sales organization will also be realigned. All sales activities in Germany will in future be bundled under one guidance - with the goal of an even more efficient customer management with very short decision paths. Horst Trunk, longtime sales manager for the area of ​​self-service / takeaway Germany, will take over the management of the new sales team Germany. "He knows the German market and the customers due to its excellent 40-year length of service and now responsible for all domestic activities both in retailers and in the area takeaway / SB," reads the press release. "At the same time, a new Customer Service Competence Center is being established to increase the service level and satisfaction of Rauch customers. Here are all customer-related processes converge.

The newly created position of Head of Customer Service Center will be taken over by Torsten Schickling, who has been working for the company for more than ten years and was previously responsible as sales manager for the control of the entire national distribution in specialist shops. The tasks of Dominik Tanner, who will continue to manage the activities of his international sales team, remain unchanged. Thus, all three market specialists remain members in sales and marketing executive team and continue to report directly to Volker Starzmann, who was appointed as Chief Sales Officer in the management know, a year ago continues, "the message that way. Michael Stiehl: "With the realignment, we are adapting to future market demands - that means speed and efficient customer management, but also a further strengthening of our customer and service orientation".