Recertified as a "Climate neutral manufacturer"

Photo: Lehmann/DGM

The German children's furniture manufacturer Paidi has been successfully recertified by the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (DGM) as a "climate-neutral furniture manufacturer". In 2016, the company joined the DGM Climate Pact and has since compensated every year for its carbon footprint with the purchase of certificates in climate-friendly projects. "We are very pleased that Paidi has been committed to climate protection since 2016 and has since then accounted for its CO2 emissions and made it climate-neutral," says DGM Managing Director Jochen Winning.

Paidi produces baby, children and youth furniture. For the company, high furniture quality and environmentally and climate-friendly production are of fundamental importance. Paidi CEO Roland Mayer emphasizes: "Children's furniture of first-class quality must be sustainably produced. That's why we use resources sparingly and compensate for our carbon footprint - we can show that to our customers with the DGM climatic label. "This is why the long-established company founded in 1935 decided in 2016 to reduce all Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and to be climate-neutral manufacture.

Scope 1 includes the company's direct emissions, such as fuel for its own cars and trucks, and heating and cooling products. Indirect emissions resulting from the generation of energy produced by the company, such as electricity, district heating, steam or cooling energy, are charged in Scope 2. Finally, Scope 3 covers all indirect emissions that result from the course of all day-to-day business processes and the product life cycle - for example, employee travel, external logistics, water consumption, and end-user use of the products.
Gold Standard emissions compensation covers a wide range of projects that improve the global carbon footprint. Examples of such projects include afforestation, renewable energy, and water quality initiatives. "The DGM climatic label offers the consumer an additional basis for decision-making because it shows him that he is dealing with a piece of furniture whose manufacturer attaches great importance to climate protection," says Winning.