Ground-breaking ceremony for the new plant

Photo: Nobilia

With the symbolic breaking of the spade, Nobilia started building the factory in Saarlouis last Saturday, 4 May. This is the start of the foundation works - the prelude to several planned construction phases. The production of kitchens should start in 2020 in Saarlouis. In the final stage of completion, more than 1,000 new employees are expected to produce around 1,600 kitchens per day on a 140,000-square-meter hall, especially for the French and Southern European markets. However, the timing of this final stage of expansion ultimately depends on Nobilia's market development and further growth.

For Nobilia Managing Director Lars Bopf is the founding of the Lisdorfer Berg from the first contact under "very good sign". "Since we acquired the 29-hectare site exactly one year ago, we have been able, in close cooperation with the decision-makers in the Saarland, gwSaar and the city of Saarlouis, to quickly create the conditions for the construction of our new plant." Nobilia's CEO is looking to France: "We are delighted to be able to create the basis for Nobilia's further growth here in the city of Saarlouis and thus close to our largest export market, France, by building the new production plant."

Nobilia is planning further steps in the construction of the plant as follows: After earthworks and foundations, the plant will be set up in 2020. That is, the first machines are delivered and started with their assembly. After the start-up of the production facilities, production of the first kitchens should begin in 2020. Already today, the first employees, especially the future management personnel, will be integrated in the two Verler plants.