Hüls Group
Explore potential with strategic partner

The new program "Solid. By Huelsta "covers all living areas. Photo: Schwarze

The Hüls Group intends to actively promote the internationalization of the "Hülsta" umbrella brand, as the company informs.

Paul Jähn, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hüls AG & Co. KG, announces to employees of the internationally renowned brand of the quality leader and premium manufacturer Hülsta 'that they are actively approaching potential international partners on the world markets Company group. "With a strategic partner that brings further impetus to the permanent innovation of the business model, we could, among other things, actively exploit our export potential for both end customers and property business".

Interested potential international cooperation partners are closely watching the progress made in the restructuring process of the Hüls Group. These interested parties, like the Hüls Group, are clearly convinced that Hülsta's strengths can be strengthened by Hülsta's significant international growth.

Corresponding inquiries lead to the identification and addressing of further potential partners worldwide in a structured process in order to tap into further growth potential for the group of companies, as it is said.

In the course of the far-reaching restructuring of the Hüls Group, the main areas of action "refinancing", "consolidating", "automating" and "digitizing" have been analyzed, defined and are already being implemented. Now it is important to continue to "internationalize" the activities and strengths of Hülsta as announced.