Häcker Küchen
Production continues now

Photo: Häcker Küchen

Command back: After the German kitchen manufacturer Häcker Küchen announced the suspension of production last week, the company announces today: "We continue to produce, of course, in compliance with strict safety and hygiene measures", says Markus Sander, Managing Director Sales, Marketing and Controlling at Häcker.

Häcker used the last week to develop extraordinary solutions together with the many upstream suppliers. Inventories were increased significantly and the logistics chain was optimized with regard to current developments. “We also have a very high degree of automation for fast delivery. On the market side, there were also discussions with many customers and a high level of delivery security was achieved, ” says Häcker.

Häcker's ability to deliver is thus secured within the agreed delivery times. Customers can reach the Häcker drivers on the go, as can the clerk and the entire sales team.

Häcker has set up over 520 home office workplaces for this purpose. In addition, employees worked overtime. The sum of these measures enables Häcker to provide customers with secure supplies. As long as it is allowed, Häcker wants to supply its customers with kitchens.