Furniture Club
More activities in Iran

In Iran, planned or already under construction projects are continuing – despite the recent political developments,. This includes an enormous need for interior design connected. The "Furniture Club - Made in Germany eV" was able to take a decisive step forward in his first contacts with Tehran's own in-house exhibition last autumn. Members had meetings with the directors of a major Iranian general contractor who traveled to Germany for cooperation talks. The Iranians introduced some of their upcoming major projects where they would like to bring in members of the Furniture Club as a partner for furnishings and shop fitting. Specifically, it involves two mega-projects in the capital, Teheran, with retail space, various commercial properties and residential units totaling over 800,000 square meters, as well as six five-star hotels to be furnished in a modern style.
Andreas Rieß, Managing Director of the Furniture Club, is extremely pleased with the recent activities: "The cooperation offered represents a great opportunity for our member companies to become known to key decision-makers in Iran, and the chances of finding contracts in the near future are not bad. Due to the long-term planned return visit to Germany, we were able to give the management of the Iranian general contractor an insight into the production and showrooms of our member companies. In addition, we have managed to establish a really good and personal contact with the Iranian partners."