Furniture Club
Intensifies engagement in Belgium and the UK

The furniture manufacturers of the Furniture Club - Made in Germany e.V. launched targeted activities in Belgium and agreed on further steps in the UK. Both markets are among the most important importers of German furnishing products worldwide.
For this, the Furniture Club has created market information and overviews of relevant furniture retailers. In Belgium, this overview of furniture stores cover the various product and price segments. In the UK, where numerous activities have already taken place over the past two years, this time the focus is on premium furniture retailers and high-end home decorators.
The members of Furniture Club exchanged their experiences and contacts in the two countries, which has the advantage, among other things, of being able to relate to the contacts of others and thus finding easier access to selected furniture dealers. In addition to joint events on site, an "agency sharing" for the processing of the respective market is also planned.