EuroComfort Group
Badenia takes over BNP bed care

Manuela Wallmeyer will take over the sales management for the Bed Care products after the acquisition by Badenia. Photo: Badenia Bettcomfort

Badenia Bettcomfort GmbH & Co. KG, part of the EuroComfort Group, is growing through the acquisition of BNP Bed Care GmbH & Co. KG. As of June 2019, BNP Bed Care, a company dedicated to mattress protection products, will take over all business operations. The product range includes high-quality fitted sheets and pillowcases, underlays, covers, spring covers for box spring mattresses and all-round covers, which protect the mattresses against contamination and mechanical stress. Object textiles, for example, in the hotel or clinic area for the highest possible, health-friendly hygiene, are also part of the program.

At the same time as the takeover, Badenia's managing director Rainer Brockmöller announces that "the sales management of the 'Bed Care' division will remain in the hands of Manuela Wallmeyer as usual, as from June 2019 she will be employed by Badenia Bettcomfort for the distribution of the 'Bed Care' segment. Be responsible for the products. "She is supported in this by the sales field service and the internal sales team. With the takeover of the 'Bed Care' division, the EuroComfort Group continues to expand its range of bed-related products. According to the company CEO Thomas Bußkamp welcomes innovative new developments as well as the expansion of the assortment by promisingly placed products on the market: "After the successful introduction of the slatted frame collection, among other things with the unique Quadroflex fiberglass technology developed in our company, the rounding off of the With the mattress protection program 'Bed Care', the range is another logical step for our group, "says Thomas Bußkamp.

For the nationwide active sales team of Badenia Bettcomfort, the 'Bed Care' portfolio is a sensible extension: "The customer base of both companies is almost congruent," said Badenia CEO Brockmöller. "This means that the majority of 'Bed Care' customers have long been close trading partners of Badenia Bettcomfort. Where Badenia mattresses have been sold so far, the matching 'Bed Care' program is now available from a single source. We are convinced that these will be very good conditions for a smooth transition."