Cor Salon for the Milan Design Week

The historic architecture of the Circo Solferino focuses on the innovative interior design of the premium brand made in Germany. Photos: Cor

Since the 1980s, the internationally renowned manufacturer Cor has exhibited its high-quality seating and upholstered furniture in Milan. From 9 to 14 April, he successfully presented his own salon at the Circo Solferino in Brera for the first time.

With the new furniture programs "Nenou", "Alvo" and "Avalanche", international design studios such as Jörg Boner, Jehs + Laub and Metrica have interpreted Cor's passion for innovative design, high-quality materials and the finest manual workmanship. As an aesthetic triad, the elegant exhibits were staged in multiple perspectives, with a stylish variety of colors and materials.

Around 3,000 visitors from all over the world, including numerous architects and interior designers, were fascinated by the exclusive show. Cor owner Leo Lübke: "Our passion for cultivated living and living has set new standards in Milan, to be continued."