"Climate neutral furniture manufacturer"
Hülsta compensates for its CO2 emissions

Photo: Hülsta/DGM

The company Hülsta was once again awarded the title "Climate neutral furniture manufacturer" by the German Quality Association for Furniture (DGM). For this, the manufacturer from Stadtlohn had to completely neutralize his calculated corporate CO2 emissions of the year 2018. According to the DGM award criteria of the "Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry", high-quality climate protection certificates must be acquired for this purpose, which, for example, benefit reforestation projects. One certificate corresponds to one tonne of CO2, which is inevitably emitted by, for example, the provision and consumption of fuels, heating and cooling agents, as well as electricity and water.

"Everybody and every company leaves a carbon footprint on this earth. The participants of the Climate Act for the furniture industry want to reduce this footprint continuously or - as happened at Hülsta - even neutralize it completely for one calendar year, "says DGM Managing Director Jochen Winning and is pleased about hülsta's commitment to climate protection. Compared to the previous year, Hülsta's CO2 balance has improved significantly, more precisely by 12%. The importance of Hülsta to climate protection is also demonstrated by the company joining the "Alliance for Development and Climate" in December 2018.

The logic of the Climate Pact, which was founded in 2016, is based on three stages - namely the balancing, reduction and finally the neutralization of CO2 emissions. The Gold Standard includes a comprehensive portfolio of projects that both improve the global carbon footprint and add value, such as upgrading regional infrastructure.

"In return for the exemplary action Hülsta receives the label, climate-neutral furniture manufacturer '. Examples of such projects include afforestation, renewable energy, and water quality initiatives. This will allow the company to aggressively and meaningfully promote its climate-friendly furniture, "concludes Winning.