The ideas at Christmasworld 2020 inspire the retail trade

Foto: Christmasworld

The challenges for the future are growing: in the retail trade, it is all about remaining competitive. That is why networking, presentations and exchanges about exceptional customer experiences, digital communication and sustainable collaborations are much in demand at this year’s Christmasworld.

The 'customer journey', convenience products and the experience factor at the point of sale – these are three core themes for exhibitors and visitors at this year’s Christmasworld. Three areas in particular, 'Retail BLVD', 'Christmas Delights' and 'Decoration Unlimited', provide valuable inspiration to make retailers viable for the future.

The Retail BLVD focuses in digital solutions

The Retail BLVD provides a positive outlook on the future of the retail trade. Together with the Institute for Retail Research (Institut für Handelsforschung - IFH) in Cologne, it focuses on the customer journey in retail and illustrates the steps from the initial impulse to buy, through to customer retention.

Visitors can find information in the 'Social Media Playground' house, 'Convenience' house and 'Experience' house about how different customer needs can best be met. As Ricardo Camacho of Luces Feliz, a Christmas goods retailer from Mexico, says: "The tour through the Retail BLVD was very interesting – I was able to gather various things to take away for my business, for instance, how you can use the digital media as a supplement to in-store business and how you can display products to best advantage. Particularly online as well, in order to improve the purchasing experience. The more the business grows, the farther away the customers are. And it’s important to find ways to stay in contact with the customer".

Marta Golec of Candlemania from Ireland explores the 'Social Media Playground': The Facebook talk was very helpful. The explanations were confirmation that I’m doing everything right with Facebook in terms of content, and I’m addressing the exact target group that I want to attract. Because I am on my own when it comes to online activities for my business, it’s been really helpful to have some exchanges", the Irish businesswoman explains. "We’re at the fair to meet our suppliers and to find out about the latest products. The Retail BLVD is a fantastic complement to the ever more important digital communication activities."

Boris Hedde, IFH Managing Director, sums up as follows: "With the Retail BLVD, Messe Frankfurt makes it clear that it’s an industry insider and expert for the retail trade. Together we provide initial impulses and solutions for owner-operated businesses. The core target group is made aware of the challenges of tomorrow." In his opinion, collaborations within existing or new structures are a possible approach to strengthening retail. "Purchasing cooperatives are an example: in the future they should collaborate in sales as well and orient themselves towards the customer rather than the product", Hedde adds.

Christmas Delights create culinary customer experiences

In the search for products to liven up their product ranges in a surprising way, many visitors find themselves in the Christmas Delights product area.

This is an exhibition space that takes us back to the Christmas season with its cosy alpine huts. It smells of waffles, coffee, tea and mulled wine. One of the mulled wine aromas stems from Dr. Jaglas. The elixir, which is made by the family-run company, tastes like a walk around the Christmas market. The apothecary family from Wuppertal has produced herbal bitters for decades. As Dr. Helmut Jagla relates: "Our customers are looking for a surprise effect. Target groups who buy designer furniture also go for high-quality spirits. Our business partners are looking for a niche product; they ask about natural corks and pay attention to regionality."

Decoration Unlimited – Dark Ocean for a wow effect at the point of sale

The 'Decoration Unlimited' area generates huge enthusiasm. The visitors are able to find an unexpected mix of themes and products for Christmas decoration: "I am very impressed by the exhibition. Exactly my taste, with the fresh colours and plants. A fantastic inspiration. It shows the range of ways in which Christmas decorations can be interpreted", says visitor Silvia Meroni, who has come over to Christmasworld from Italy for the first time.

The next Christmasworld will take place from 29 January to 2 February 2021.