Premium business programme – new ideas, impulses, inspirations

Foto: Christmasworld

The Premium business programme on the subject of ‘Urban Regeneration for Cities and the Retail Trade’ at Christmasworld 2020 provided a setting for information, inspiration and discussions.

“Go back to school regularly, please”, said Sanjay Sauldie in his keynote lecture for the Premium business programme at Christmasworld 2020. “The only way to win in the digital world is through lifetime learning.” Sauldie is a marketing consultant, internationally renowned speaker and Director of the European Internet Marketing Institute (EIMIA). He studies the impact of digital transformation on urbanisation and has developed a strategic blend of digital options that puts the focus of all activities on both inhabitants and visitors of a city. The main conclusion of the Urban Marketing and Trade Day at Christmasworld was that one should be creative and fearless in this apparent field of conflict between the digital and bricks-and-mortar worlds. In practical terms, cities and municipalities must offer variety, accessibility, activity, atmosphere and entertainment at the same time as always ensuring the integration of all digital options. Illumination concepts or seasonal decorations can give an emotional charge to the private and commercial areas of a city, a pedestrian zone or a shopping centre.

Perspectives, trends, inspiration

“The keynote lecture and the entire programme of today’s theme day generated some great impulses for my work”, said Dennis Fischer, Head of City Marketing Karlsruhe. “We must organise appealing events for visitors to the city whereby attractive illuminations are essential, not just at Christmas.” The guided tour of the leading international trade fair for seasonal and festive decorations is also part of the Premium business programme – with custom-made ideas and products for emotional lighting and decoration worlds, which ensure more visitors to downtown areas and shops.

Successful urban development must include the quality of life

Jürgen Block, Director of the German City and Urban Marketing Association (Bundesvereinigung City- und Stadtmarketing e.V.) considers that urban planners should concentrate on releasing cities from their purely functional role and come up with holistic solutions. Sanjay Sauldie also put forward this argument and called for collaborative urban development teams that discount expertise and responsibility silos and work together on smart ideas for their cities. By ‘silo’, Sauldie means strict hierarchies in organisations, public authorities and companies. “We must give all employees the chance to contribute because really good ideas frequently come from quiet people”, said Sauldie. Children can also be a good source of inspiration and enlightenment. “We can learn a huge amount, especially from digital natives”, said the expert. The inspiring morning of the Premium programme ended with a heartfelt invitation by the speaker to support different mindsets and abilities in the team. “Include ‘crazy’ lateral entrants to the team and let them accompany you to the new world”, said Sauldie.