Christmasworld / Messe Frankfurt
What is hanging on the Christmas tree in 2019 ...

Photo: Messe Frankfurt/Christmasworld

The countdown is on: In a few weeks, the latest Christmas trends in the shop windows and shelves in the trade. Original accessories, tree globes and sustainable decoration ideas for the Christmas time were ordered by more than 45,300 specialist buyers from 123 countries at Christmasworld in Frankfurt at the end of January. Which products the buyers from the extensive range of the 1,085 exhibitors particularly like to order, reveal some of the Christmasworld exhibitors.

"Tender festivities", "essential ceremonies", "sweet traditions" and "luminous celebrations" - this is what the style bureau bora.herke.palmisano calls the four big trend worlds for the upcoming festival season 2019/20. "Tender festivities" is a quiet and quiet trend with reduced form. Naturalness and modernity, combined with rough and rustic aspects characterize "essential ceremonies". Cheerful, charming and fleet-footed, on the other hand, "sweet traditions" come along: the surfaces are reminiscent of icing and pearls, handwritten and drawn. In "luminous celebrations" iridescent metal colors, dazzling surfaces, sequins, ultra shiny finishes and lurex effects as well as velvet and feathers conjure up a glamorous Christmas decoration.

High quality, sustainability, tradition

Four trends, four worlds with unique product landscapes. But what was ordered especially well? What will be available in a few weeks in stationary and online trading?

"The Meisenknödelhalter, the key board and also the deer display - all products made of wood," says about Benjamin Wolffs, marketing director of Designimdorf on. The company from the Black Forest stands for original products, modern and reduced in shape, with a focus on sustainability. "Reduced tradition is a trend and is reflected in our sales figures," he explains. Also well ordered were the smoked dwarf, the smoke house and a lasered walnut star for the Christmas tree. For high-quality and sustainably produced products there is a growing customer base.

High quality is an issue that interests purchasers. Christian Schmidt from Gift Company also comes to this conclusion: "Products that are more technically sophisticated are in demand. We feel that. "It must either be very cheap or expensive, in the middle segment pass little. For example, elaborately produced vases have been ordered very well. In addition, the small glass Christmas tree was very much in demand, the interior of which can be decorated with pine cones or even flowers and fairy lights.

German craftsmanship is in demand nationwide. This also benefits the German Poinsettia Manufactory. The company was founded in 2012 and produces poinsettias in various sizes made of paper, folded by hand, trimmed, glued, dyed. The owner, designer and founder Nicola Tennie comments: "Although our main customers are in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we also sell to Japan and the USA - to Las Vegas or New York, for example. German handycraft has a high priority here and the fact that we produce handcrafted, high-quality one-offs. That depends. "

At Inge's Christmas Decor, the theme "Red and Glorious" went well. "In recent years, purist topics were more in demand, but this topic is more opulent and difficult. In detail, it is characterized by reds, blues and gold accented with black, pink, violet tones. It combines flower patterns, gemstones and an exotic bird, which ran very well, "explains designer Birgit Müller-Blech. Also well ordered was the theme "Real and Calm" - a calm, contemplative theme in the colors rock-gray, snow-white and with warm beige tones. Also in demand among the buyers was "Warm and Protected" with warm red and toffee colors as well as cones, acorns, birds but also a small dog or a skier.