Baumann Group
Change in product development

(f.l.t.r.): Matthias Berens, Michael Assner, Inhaber Delf Baumann und Sabine Brockschnieder. Photo: Baumann Group

The Baumann Group changing the product development for the entire kitchen range to a two-year cycle. Originally planned for 2021, the management decided today, March 26, to bring the re-form forward on current grounds . The Bauformat and Burger brands will not be presenting any new collections this fall. The aim is to relieve trade partners who suffer from the economic conse-quences of the corona pandemic.

With the decision, the Baumann Group set an example: Not only does it take away an additional investment burden from trading partners who have to cope with financial bottlenecks due to the measures to curb COVID-19. With the changeover of product de-velopment to a two-year cycle, the Baumann group is also hand-ling a hot topic that has long been discussed among German kit-chen manufacturers.
Managing Director Matthias Berens: “We are all being forced to rethink. This brings with it restrictions, but also offers opportunities. Now is an ideal time to askwhy a good product has to be changed every year when it means a lot of work and costs for businesses, while statistically customers only buy a new kitchen every 19.1 years and many trends last for years. Let us give our innovations the time to establish themselves on the market and take the pres-sure off our partners so that they can concentrate on the essen-tials: sales! ”

Meanwhile, the Baumann Group continues to produce at full capa-city and is looking forward to a successful business year 2019/20 that will end in a few days. The material supply is secured for the next few weeks. Further orders are accepted and processed.